2012-11-15 10:46:46

The Moore’s are dear friends of ours, I have been friends with Ginny for many many years…since we were kids. She’s soo special to me…as is her precious family!! We all went to high school together, Ginny & Todd have been dating since high school, I photographed their wedding, our children have play dates (although not enough of them b/c they live in Chicago!)…it’s pretty darn awesome and I love them all soo much!! It was soo great to see them for this quick shoot and officially congratulate them because Ginny is PREGNANT with baby #3!!! Well, let’s be straight, I didn’t know whether to congratulate them or tell them that they are NUTS having one child per year for the last three years! 😉 In all seriousness, it’s an amazing blessing (and the chaos will only last for a few years, right?? ;)) and I’m SOO happy for them!! Ginny, Toddy, James, Stella and and baby 3.0….LOVE you guys, thanks for a quick, wild and fun shoot! XOXO!



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  1. Oh good grief these are amazing! You are a true miracle worker. I will call you Saint Jess:) Thank you so much for everything!

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