2011-10-13 16:27:11

It’s pretty rare that I leave a shoot in tears. Happy tears. and it’s been sad tears too, if I were being honest. Well, this family just knows how to do that to a girl. Although, this time the tears were from the purest joy…and just how much I adore this wonderful, fantastic, real family. You might remember them from our very first shoot OR our last shoot, these sweet boys faces are hard to forget, especially with those baby blue eyes that could melt you!! As many of my lovely blog followers have told me, they know Aidan’s story….and they have and are continuing to pray for him! On Tuesday, July 13th, Aidan’s Doctor pronounced that his cancer was gone and he was CURED. Praise be to GOD! As I am writing this, I have chills (and more tears!!) because I just read this morning that Aidan’s follow up scans that were last week showed that he is completely clear of all signs of cancer. It’s TRULY WONDERFUL!!!! And such a PRAISE!! So, this was our CELEBRATION shoot!! Aidan’s gorgeous hair is back, his spirits are high and sweet as can be…and his baby blues are sparkling again!! It was soo truly wonderful to see!! And I can’t ever leave ALEX out…because well, Alex is Aidan’s older brother and while he is truly one of the sweetest old brothers that I’ve ever seen, he is also the kind of boy who captures your HEART…and has you thinking that one day, some girl is going to be soo lucky to capture him forever! I just love these boys!! We had such a fun, wonderful time together on our shoot and as we laughed, played and just had an absolutely fantastic time, I pulled away with tears in my eyes because I was just overwhelmed with joy for the victory that this family is celebrating and for all that they have endured, to finally get to this sweet moment of family time and joy…pure, raw, complete joy….it was one of the best things I’ve witnessed in a while!! And to top it all off, Alex even offered to let me go in his suitcase on their upcoming trip to Disney World!! Now, how could a girl not leave with tears of joy in her eyes after that kind of an offer!? 😉 Brown Family, you hold SUCH a special place in my heart and you always will. 🙂 I hope I get to photograph your family forever… 🙂

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  1. Alex told me last week you took their pictures. Since then I’ve been checking the blog! The pictures are wonderful and make me tear up! Great job, Jess!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos. You did such a great job capturing the spirit of the Browns.

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