2011-09-20 16:59:39

Soo…it’s not a huge secret that I have a PROBLEM with massive blog posts. I know it, I need help, blah blah….but ya know what…it’s my blog and I’ll post lots of PICTURES if I want to! 🙂 wink!! And when you have a family that’s as COMPLETELY STELLAR AND RAD as this…then, well, what’s a GIRL/PHOTOGRAPHER TO DO!?! I love the Sangar’s!!! Jamie is a great friend and fellow photographer….FANTASTIC photographer! AND….whenever I have something that I’m too scared to ask one of my clients to do, I ask Jamie and Simon and they are totally game! For example…going into the ghetto to shoot at this dirty railroad track and graffiti wall! They loved it and ROCKED the images there…as you will easily be able to see!! I adore these guys…and it’s extra sweet when Sophie runs into my office and starts screaming JUDE!!!! when she sees my screen because he’s her sweet little friend and they totally dig each other! 🙂 You knocked it out of the PARK on this one, Jamie, Simon and Jude….thanks for being awesome!! xoxo!! have you EVER seen a child cuter or with better STYLE than this in your LIFE?? (other than SOPHIE, duh!?!)

Ok, so while we could have wrapped up the shoot right then and THERE because of how The Sangars ROCKED IT at our first stop….we continued on and had a blast around the city for the rest of the evening!! 🙂

And we did a 30 second updated headshot for Jamie and I think she looks UBER gorgeous…

7 responses to “THE SANGAR FAMILY”

  1. easily the CUTEST little boy i’ve ever seen! he is gonna be a S.T.U.D. when gets older. sophie better keep her eye on him or someone else will snatch him up!

  2. Jessica: as a friend of Jamie’s, I must say these are AWESOME! You captured their fun, energetic personalities brilliantly 🙂 Thanks for sharing your talent.

  3. Amazing!!!! Great subjects, great photography 🙂 Courtney Sood

  4. Jess – you are so AMAZING!! I can’t wait to have a reason for you to take more pictures for me!! Love them all!!!

  5. Hey Jess!
    I sent you a FB message on this. Can you tell me where this graffiti wall is??? And is it safe!
    THANKS soooo much!

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