2011-09-13 11:46:03

OH I’ve been sooo excited for sweet baby Rory to arrive!! She is the precious baby girl of one of my dearest friends, Katie! Katie and I go waaaay back and have been great friends ever since middle school! It’s been quite amazing and crazy to grow up together, go through life, boyfriends, drama, friendships, fun, marriage and now babies as friends together. I photographed Katie & John’s wedding….and so getting to photograph Rory was a sweet moment for me, in soo many ways. She is just absolutely perfect and MELTS me. Katie & John, I love you guys and am sooo totally overjoyed for you!! Rory is amazing…and it is soo sweet and wonderful to know that our daughters will grow up friends!! Can’t wait for the future…. 🙂

2 responses to “RORY”

  1. Jess- You are absolutely amazing! I remember in high school when you began taking photographs, you have a natural gift! Thank you for taking the time of capturing moments of our little girl!
    John, Katie & Rory

  2. Beautiful and “Precious in the eyes of the Lord” Ok so the parents also:-)!

    PS Photography excellent!

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