2012-01-06 17:01:02

You know how in life, as you grow up, you know families that are kind of iconic for being just awesome and cool? They are wonderful, fun, loving, authentic, welcoming and you just love being their presence? Well, this family is one of THOSE kinds of families for me! I’ve known the Wright Family for a long time, long before I was even a photographer! They are just special in soo many ways….and I absolutely loved getting to photograph them!! It was a super chilly morning and they were serious troopers! The incredibly authentic smiles do a great job of masking the fact that they were literally freezing!! Wright Family…YOU GUYS ROCK!! I adore you and I always will!! 🙂

Aren’t these children SOO precious and adorable?

2 responses to “THE WRIGHT & PENTZER FAMILY”

  1. oh my gosh. i just had a wonderful time visiting these photos…i smiled throughout my entire journey…what fun

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