2012-01-06 13:47:11

Oh sweet sweet baby Thomas! He had my heart instantly!! I adore his parents, I was soo fortunate to photograph their wedding and engagement several years ago and I was soo excited when I got the call that they were expecting their first baby and they wanted me to do his newborn images!! He was very new when I met him, just a few days old, they had barely just gotten home from the hospital…and they were already soo comfortable as a new family, it was soo great getting to spend a few hours with them and be in that sweet newborn haze with them for a little while! (If you have kids, you know what I mean about just getting home from the hospital with your first baby, it’s a sweet, excited, (and let’s be honest, a bit clueless and sleepless) wonderful time…you are almost in a happy haze!) I soo love watching my couples grow into families, my favorite part of my job, and when the people are as kind and wonderful as Elise and John, it’s extra sweet!! Meet sweet baby Thomas!

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