2007-08-17 21:25:41

I had the MOST fun shoot with the Amo family!! They are such cool people with the sweetest, most adorable little boys, Kaiden & Camden!! It really made me reconsider my wish to have at least one girl in life (but that is a whole different topic!)!! 😉 Those boys were soo fun and cute…and as a family, they are just great & soo laid back!!! It honestly made me leave thinking, gosh, I really need to get working on this kid thing!! Every child I meet just melts my heart in a different way and I realize why people say that having kids is the best thing that happened to them!! Amo Family, you are soo terrific and I really enjoyed sharing my morning with you! THANK YOU for coming into town for me and for enduring the intense heat during our shoot (it was during a heat advisory day…and we were fully understanding the reason for the advisory! ha!)!! Hope the big birthday weekend was a GREAT success! 🙂

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  1. I cannot tell you how much I love these pictures! You made my children appear so sweet and innocent! How did that happen? 😉 Thank you so much. I will treasure these pictures always.

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