2007-08-17 11:28:41

LOOK at this PRECIOUS LITTLE angel!! I just think she is the SWEETEST little thing!! Grayson is the beautiful little 2 week old daughter of one of my favorite couples, Marty & Angela! You might remember them from this post!! They are such a fantastic couple and I was honored when they asked me to come and photograph their new little angel, Grayson! I got to their home and Angela showed up at the door, looking great, calm, collected and with the sweetest little sleeping baby in her hands! Her house was clean and organized…and all was great! I was like OK…you are REALLY making this look WAAAY to easy!! She assured me that it wasn’t quite as easy as it looked..especially in the middle of the night!! I trust her!! 😉 Angie…it was great spending the afternoon with you! I am SOO happy for you guys!! Grayson is truly a blessing! Much love to you! 🙂

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  1. Awww, what a cutie! And what a wonderful couple they were to work with last fall. They sure didn’t waste any time, did they? 😉

  2. Oh, look at my girl…. Thank you so much Jessica! These are adorable. Grayson was really having a tough day. She was so excited all morning to meet you that she was completely exhausted by the time we got rolling. Your talent certainly shines from our engagement pics, wedding and now our baby girl.

    Marty and I are so happy that we have had the honor to not only work with you, but become friends with you. You are a truly the best all around.

    Marty, Ang, & Gray

  3. I remember their wedding, it was beautiful…beautiful couple…beautiful baby. Absolutely adorable and I LOVE the name:)

  4. What a beautiful baby!! Marty and Angie are so lucky to have such a precious little girl and Jessica you have captured how sweet she is. Grandma and Grandpa Hancock

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