2009-01-22 11:39:25

I LOVE my albums, if I do say so myself! I have a wonderful album company, Leather Craftsmen, that custom creates each and every album….and they are all awesome works of art! I specifically design the albums to be timeless and classic, while staying modern and fresh and my company follows that through making the end result something that you will LOVE to look at today and in 25 years!!

My company recently introduced a new album material, Japanese Book Cloth (in addition to the terrific leather & suede choices that we already offer) . It’s a beautiful raw silk fabric that is a great balance of style & durability! There is no additional charge for any material…it’s included in the simple, one rate album cost!

There is also a new option to purchase album sleeves, in the matching material as the album cover! The sleeves are a great option for protecting and storing the album! Sleeves are $200 for an 8×8 album, $250 for a 10×10 album and $300 for the 12×12 album!

Lastly, there is a new MODERN DESIGN option for album layout design style! This is EXCITING!! 🙂 Up until now, there has been only one choice for the layout design style, which is the CLASSIC DESIGN and now the MODERN DESIGN will be a second choice for the design style of the album page layouts! The CLASSIC DESIGN features more black backgrounds, opaque image backgrounds, image borders, lots of image overlays and an overall timeless, classic look. The new MODERN DESIGN features all white backgrounds, seamlessly connecting images, no image borders and an overall bright, modern look. Clients will now be asked for their choice of design style once they have chosen their album images and their design begins!


It’s going to be a TERRIFIC year here at JRS with lots of news and changes so stay tuned! 🙂

**you may need to create a user name and password to view the albums! 🙂

13 responses to “ALBUM NEWS!”

  1. ohmygoodness…how are we ever supposed to choose!? Both are awesome!!

  2. I LOVE the new album covers! woo hoo, i am soooooo excited about this. love love love it.

  3. Geez. And I’m indecisive my nature, especially when it comes to all your amazing work! Both books look fab Jess!!!

  4. Man!! What a great album! Looks AWESOME!! I wonder who makes it….care to tell??? : P

  5. Seems that clicking on the “Modern Design” link takes you to a pictage page that asks you for a username and password 🙁

  6. What color imprinting is that??? It looks burgundy, but they don’t offer that, I don’t think… can’t find it in my PDF from LC.
    I love these albums. I was using Zookbinders a lot, but they don’t have a cloth like this and I LOVE it!!! I just did a 12×12 with the Endive cloth and it’s gorgeous!!!

  7. what software do you use for album design?
    I am looking for an easy, time-efficient way to design my album pages. i have yervant, but haven’t used it yet.
    i mostly use pictage because they do it for you.
    the only problem is they don’t look simple enough for me.
    i love your designs because they are simple layouts, not a collage-style.
    thanks in advance

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