2006-08-10 14:44:27

Attention clients…..I have a super cool product to show you! 🙂 They are print canvases…which I know is nothing new..
but they are SOO cool! I have used these for my own personal art for a long time…and I use them to show my work in wedding shops, etc….but I’ve never thought about doing these for clients until a friend of mine asked if I could have them done for her, of her wedding images…for her own personal art! Of course, I was like…oh will totally love them, they are SOO cool! Then, my husband asked why I don’t show these to clients ever…because they would love them if I did! SOO, I was like DUHH….I should show these to clients and offer them so that client’s can have super cool wall art TOO! The best part is that they are raw wrapped canvas with no frame…and they are 100% ready to hang! Also, the ones shown are 1-1/8 thick canvases, but they also offer 2-1/2 crazy cool thick canvases, so the canvas literally sits 2-1/2 inches off of the wall! Yea, we LOVE that!! Also, in my personal opinon, they are really affordable…especially considering that they are totally custom, totally cool wall art for your home…and they are ready to frame when they arrive! For example, a 16×20 is $200, 16×24 is $235, 20×24 is $275, 24×30 is $330 and 30×40 is $400! You can also do panoramic sizes…and squares…which are my two personal favorites! I think those prices are awesome…considering what you would pay to have any other kind of custom wall art done in those sizes!! So, just had to show you! If you would like more info…just email me, moc.dnalkcirtsacissejnull@acissej! 😉 (the canvases shown are 16×24)

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  1. Jessica – those are AMAZING!! That is exactly what I was looking for… I’m already going through my pictures, trying to decide which ones I want in canvas! So awesome – your clients are going to LOVE this!!! 🙂

  2. Love it, sign me up…I haven’t even had my engagement or wedding photos taken yet and I already know that I want one!

  3. Those look incredible! I love the simple elegance of the canvas. Because of your artistic shooting style and awesome actions (aka “secret sauce” :)), these really work as true art pieces. I don’t think the average wedding photo taken by an average photographer would work for this application though. It has to have that special pizazz element that all your photos have in order to really look good. These are truly fit for a gallery. Great job!

  4. I just stumbled onto your site and your work is gorgeous!! These canvases….BEAUTIFUL!! I have been so anti-FRAM”ING for my clients because its work that i dont have time for (too many decisions) but i would LOVE to offer this and esp love the 2.5 inch thickness. Can you tell me where you get them?? i can’t believe the prices you offer your clients!!

  5. wow, those are beautiful. I’ve always loved canvass pritns. Can I ask where you get them printed?

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