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Most people know that I give proofs with everything that I photograph, included in the session fee. That simply means that I give a 4×6 print of each and every image that I take, whether it be a wedding, childrens shoot, baby shoot, family shoot, senior shoot, fashion shoot, etc! However, many people have told me that they get very frustrated with the proofs! They don’t really use them, maybe only 4 or 5 for framing, they are frustrating to deal with and attempt to thumb through to find anything, they get way more than they will ever use, etc. With a wedding, you get an average of 1000 proofs(or more, lately….poor Kara & Peter…from a few weeks back…. got 1800 prints!! yikes!!!)!! Oh…and yes, feel free to join the masses and say “what on earth would a person every do with 1000 4×6 prints!! I hear it all the time! So, wedding people have often shared that they think having 1000 prints is crazy to them, they can’t ever get through all of them, finding a specific image within the 1000 is almost impossible, toting them around for everyone to see is challenging and they just aren’t sure what they would ever do with 1000 images because you clearly can’t frame that many images! Scrapbookers love them…but that’s about it. Now, they have all mentioned that they enjoy having prints of some sort, but the general consensus is that they would MUCH prefer something that is easier to tote around, easier to show people, makes referencing prints easy, allows you to see the whole wedding quickly & easily and is all around convenient then having 1000 proofs! I do agree with everyones thoughts and opinions…and I always want to work to offer what my clients want! Soo, after doing quite a bit of research, I’m confident that I have found the coolest way to go about this and please EVERYONE!! SO, beginning September 1st… have the CHOICE of sticking with the traditional 4×6 proofs(because I know some people like them and that is FINE!) or INSTEAD, going with the cool proof book!!!! So, if you are a client of mine and you have a wedding coming up…and YOU KNOW you would RATHER choose the PROOF BOOK over normal proofs, PLEASE email me and say, PROOF BOOK PLEASE! 😉 (the book is 11×14 in size and the cover of the book is an image covered by a clear frosted acectate page.)

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  1. I am a fairly new (2 years) photographer in the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area. I do mostly weddings, families and senior portraits. I stumbled onto your web site the morning and read your latest blog entry. I love, Love, LOVE your PROOF BOOK! Do you mind sharing where you get this done and the pricing? I would be forever greatful!
    Thanks and have a great weekend.

  2. I switched to these exact proof books this year and brides LOVE them. I haven’t had a single one complain that they’re not getting 4×6 proofs. I am using WHCC for mine, and the image size on the page is just big enough and if they need to zoom in more, they can look online!

    This will simplify your life SOOOOOO much Jess! (and the brides) I LOVE LOVE LOVE these proof books!

  3. jess, do you ever have a problem with the way things are shipped from WHCC? with the lab i use, there always seems to be a problem when i get the packages. my prints always come back to me bent and it takes even longer to get the pictures back to people. ahhh!

  4. Hi, I stumbled upon you site trying to get some photographic inspiration (and happened to see someone I know if some of your pics).

    I LOVE the way this proof book looks. If it would be possible to get the information of where you get it, I would be ever so thankful.

    Your pics are amazing, by the way.

  5. I too love your photos and would appreciate if you could give me some in put on the proof book.

    I live in the Cayman Islands and usually give 4×6 proofs.



  6. Hi Jessica

    I’ve been looking at your work for only a few weeks and I am absolutely in love with what you’re doing. I’m based in the UK and would love to hear from you regarding your proof books – price/delivery etc, as they are so classy – it is something I’d like to offer my clients – they’re fab and they deserve it!


  7. Hello!!

    I am a fairly new starting out photographer and, as you may have seen, I’ve been coming to your blog for inspiration (and well, it’s just plain FUN to read all of your entries too!..) Anyway, I love the idea of this proof book- I know others have asked for the info on this..and sorry to be asking you AGAIN – but could you pass along the info on on these to me? Thank SO SO Much Jessica!
    email: moc.yhpargotohpeelneJnull@neJ
    or moc.oohaynull@3201MneJ

  8. Hello,

    That’s a delish proof book. I already do something similar with a hard cover through a local pro-lab but I would like to check this out. Could you kindly provide me with source?

    Much Appreciated!!

  9. I am super interested in your albums, but especially the proof books. they look fantastic! Who do you order these through and what are costs, etc???? i would really appreciate it if you could share info… thanks!

  10. Can you tell me where you got your proof books from? We just started a business, and have found a good supplier for everything but a good proof book and I love this! Your work seems to jump right off the page! Your work is fantastic and an inspiration.

    Please help!!!



  11. whoa these are great!!!!! I too would like to know where I can get these great proof books?


  12. Hi!

    I loved your photos!! They are very inspiring!! 🙂

    Sorry, I´ve read all the other posts and if you don´t mind would please share w/t me also how do you get this done?

    Congratulations for your other blog, for photographers!! You´re very cool 😉


  13. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!!

    The source for the proofbooks is WHCC, White House Custom Color!! 🙂

  14. Dear Jessica,
    I am a soon to be bride. I was very impressed with your proof books, but as a bride, I am curious, what is the benefit of obtaining a proof book along with a CD of digital prints? Is it use to help the customer pick out images to have printed?

    Kind Regards,

  15. WHCC should be giving you some sort of kickback since I googled “WHCC Proof.Book” and this is where it lead me! I have to admit. I was a bit unsure of whether I wanted to order one. After seeing yours, I’m sold! BTW – You have some great photography!

    Good luck and lots of future success!

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