2006-09-11 16:29:31

I had a super fun wedding at the Indiana State Museum this weekend! Cara & Joe are awesome!! They are not a traditional couple at alll….and I love that! They are quirky and super fun…and wanted their pictures to reflect that, which is GREAT to me!! I love showing the personality of a couple through pictures…so it was super fun! I seriously have more pictures with their eyes shut than I do open because most of our shoots are of them cracking up histerically with their eyes shut! It was hilarious!! It was a gorgeous day, despite the threat of rain! The ceremony was held on the canal, which is one of the best photographing locations in Indianapolis. The canal also has the BEST view of the city, at night…which you will see below! I also love the Indiana State Museum! It’s one of the most beautifully crafted buildings, with such incredible attention to detail, design & style. Each county in Indiana has it’s own little artistic scultpure like piece, which is built into the building, all around the parimeter. The building itself is made of all my favorite things, super cool puzzle stone, stainless steel, glass and awesome architecture! Sooooo neat! It was a fantastic wedding and I had a blast being a part of it! 🙂

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  1. Jess, just happened to check and see if there was anything new on the blog and there were new engagement AND wedding pics! I hit the jackpot!! You’re totally right, the Indiana State Museum is beautiful for a wedding. Some of the engagement pics look like freakin’ water color paintings! All the pics look fantastic!

  2. I bet you were telling them all day about how you love their flowers!!! Those flowers just remind me of you! 🙂 Great stuff as always!!!

  3. Love the emotion you captured in the bride’s pics by herelf!

    And the shot of the ceremony with the shadow of you? photographing! Really cool!


  4. THANKS, everyone! 🙂 Nathan….soo bummed that I missed seeing you & amber at mel & gary’s party…and hearing you speak at Partnercon! Hope it was GREAT…can’t wait to see you guys soon!

    thanks, mel…love you! 🙂

    HI LIZ! 😉 You’re too cute! thanks for your super kind words!! 🙂

  5. I love you Baby! Amazing work. I still say we should have gotten them a Maui Wowi smoothie.

    I didn’t see any of your assistant’s work posted. I hear you have the best assistant ever!

  6. Jessica,
    The pictures look FANTASTIC. Thank you sooo much. Cant wait to see the rest. You made everything so easy for us and you were so fun and great to work with and professional and..well……just the total package Jessica. Truly a great talent.
    Cheers, Joe

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