2006-09-05 07:09:11

What a great day! Steph & Brian had a gorgeous day and a fantastic wedding! They are such sweet, wonderful people! They compliment each other in all the right ways and just completely mesh! I love it when people mesh! They also had a great, fun wedding party…that totally allowed me to run them all over city and take a million pictures! They were all such troopers! It was a bit hectic downtown, with about 8 events going on within a 4 block radius of their wedding venue….but we made it around to our various chosen locations and had a really fun time! When I left the reception, their were fireworks going off…and it was the perfect way to end a really fantastic day! Steph & Brian…it was an honor being a part of your day! Hope you are having the time of your lives in Hawaii!!

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  1. Well Girlfriend…you have done it again!!!!!!
    I know that I tell you this all the time ~ but I have to remind you again of what an amazing gift God has given you!!!!! You Totally Rock!!!!
    Can’t wait to see the others!!!!

  2. Love the nightime downtown shot! The pic with the bride in the middle and her bridesmaids from behind is very sweet. Another job well done!!

  3. Stephanie, if you ever decide to quit pharmacy, think photo modeling. You look awesome. Brian, you look great too. Pictures are awesome. Can’t wait to see more.

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