2007-01-23 08:49:38

Wow…what a fantastic day it was!!! The sun was out (but it was only 22 degrees!!) and the city was full of excitment and energy…and Cassie & Nick’s wedding was right in the middle of all of it!! It was SOO cool!!! Cassie & Nick are absolutely stunning pair and their wedding matched them perfectly! It was just gorgeous! They are such a sweet, loving couple and I adore them both! They really remind me of Mark and I…he is constantly being sweet to her and kissing the side of her head…and she looks at him with the most adoring eyes, everytime he does it. I love it. They put such great thought and consideration into the wedding and it truly showed! Their wedding had a warm, romantic sweetness to it, but still a very elegant, old hollywood glamour feel! It was just fantastic! We even took the guys over the dome and did some shots, in anticipation of the big game! The security guard wasn’t too thrilled…but we had a blast!! It was truly a great wedding and a fantastic weekend! Cassie & Nick…you are SOO great…I adore you both and cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of your fantastic wedding!!! The excellent vendors that helped pull this great wedding off: Makeup & Hair by Karen Hall & Co, Event Coordination by Rebecca Raymond with Event Fantastic, Carrie Sprague with the Omni Severin Hotel, Florals & Decor by Chris Cromwell with Bloomz, Videography by Brandon & Cybil New with B&C Digital Media!

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  1. I MADE IT ON THE BLOG!!! Check it out…last horizontal pic in the post! Hot Baby!! You ROCK!!

  2. Is Mark video taping??? Or just holding a slave flash??? Are you bouncing light from the wall or are you using flash at a 45 degrees??? You got me stumped.

  3. Nic….the videographer, Brandon, looks alot like Mark….so he is on the right and Mark is on the left, leaning on the pole! I don’t have any lighting in that shot, I’m just mooching everyone elses light!! 😉

  4. Sorry Mark, I thought you were on the right, now that I look at it you’re on the left. Sorry!

  5. I agree with Lauren C., those shots of you looking down on the bride are fabulous! I also like the balcony shots of the bride. I bet those railings were a bit chilly to lean up against if it was only 22 degrees outside. Brrrrr! 🙂 Your composition of the first shoe shot was great. I love how the rings on the back of the shoes mimic the circle pattern on the furniture. Nice!

  6. OMG!! Jessica those are so beautiful!! You have an amazing gift, girl. I have to have the one of those pictures to use on my new business cards!! We can talk about that later. Again nice job they are wonderful.
    GO COLTS!!!

  7. Call me biased, but my fave shot was the one in front of the RCA Dome. I had some great memories there the next night, of course!

  8. Truly amazing! I have to say I love them all! They are a beautiful couple and I am sure they will enjoy their amazing photos for many, many years to come!

  9. LOVE the first shot of you looking down on her…it’s kinda sepia toned…gorgeous composition.

    and something about the couple color ones before the reception ones…that bright blue-sky background is awesome.

  10. Jess, simply stunning once again, I marvel at how you so wonderfully capture the details and emotion of a special day…

  11. Hi, Jessica!
    No words to describe your work! Great eye for composition and lighting!! perfect!
    Im wondering which lens did you use on those wide angle pictures (and what camera too!)
    Would you mind telling us?
    Thank you!!

  12. Hi, I came to you page and your site through Gary Fong’s website. Your album showcase is one of the best I’ve ever seen. But what truly took my breath away was the quality of your images, the vibrant colors.

    Do you Photoshop all of your images or does your camera do all the wonders?

    Thank you,

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