2007-01-09 00:01:16

Wow…where do I begin about this fantastic wedding, this amazing couple and their terrific families? I guess by saying that I just ADORE Sarah, Dustin and their families and enjoyed their wedding soo very much! I have worked with Sarah’s family for quite some time and they are genuinely the kindest people! The minute I heard that Sarah and Dustin were engaged, I was soo excited because I knew it would be an absolutely gorgeous wedding (with gorgeous people!) and that the day would be soo enjoyable because of the great people involved! It exceeded my expectations because it was that and SOO MUCH more! It was an incredible day….it was almost 60 degrees and beautifully sunny! We all had to keep reminding ourselves that it was the end of December and sure not to last, but we were definitely enjoying it while we could! The wedding was incredibly intimate, soo warm and truly beautiful! I also had a super fun day working with my close friends, videographers Brandon & Cybil New of B&C Digital Media and the uber talented florist and designer Gene Huddleston with Detail & Design, who created the reception wonderland! It was truly a fantastic day, was perfect in all ways and I was soo honored to be a part of it!

***side note: blog posts are being reduced in size due to the fact that I taking up too much bandwith (don’t fully understand that) and overloading my server with super long blog posts and to many images (imagine that!!)! sorry!

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  1. Hi, I’m a huge fan of yours. Love your work and I never cease to be amazed and inspired. I am a “new” wedding photographer and was hoping to ask a question or two. What flash technique to you use to keep the background so rich and the subject lit just perfectly! Thanks, you can email me if you want to. I know you’re busy so whenever. I’m just in sponge mode and always make myself ask questions when I see something I love.

    Thanks for the imspiration I know your clients are forever grateful!

  2. When I grow up….I want to be just like Jessica Strickland!

    You ROCK girl!

    We had a BLAST as always.

    I’ll send you the bill for the use of our lights! 🙂

  3. I’m loving your use of that 1.2!! Bummer about having to cut the posts down. I always love to see as many of your images as I can because they give me so much inspiration. But now I guess we really will be seeing the best of the best since you are going to be forced to cut back a bit. Take care!

  4. Thanks for sharing Jess! I saw some of these earlier in the 50mm/1.2 L thread on OSP but I loved seeing more. Wow, beautiful beautiful bride. All these pictures belong in an editorial spread in a bridal magazine!

  5. wow! what an all around beautiful wedding! a stunning couple…amazing details…and of course the ever talented jrs capturing it all! i cant rave enough about how much i love your work. as an up and coming photographer i would love to see you do some workshops! preferably a traveling workshop to az 🙂 but if you ever decide to share your techniques on camera settings, flash use and accessories, and photoshop tips…PLEASE keep me updated! you are an inspiration and i enjoy checking your blog pretty much daily 🙂 blessings!

  6. WOW. Your images are amazing – you’re really getting some pop. The colours are seriously reaching out and grabbing me. I think it’s time to invest in a 50mm 1.2 😀

    Love your work, Dan.

  7. Hey Jessica-
    Sarah’s pictures are beautiful. Everyone at school is commenting on them and the wonderful photographer. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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