2007-05-15 23:47:14

Charla & Bill are super cool people and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them! They had a great wedding day…another beautiful day, great venues and they spent the entire day surrounded by their loving, warm family & friends! They are both kind, sweet people with alot of love for the people who are special to them! It was soo sweet to see them on their wedding day! At the end of the day, Charla came up and hugged me and thanked me soo sweetly and said how she’d love to live closer so that we could become close friends. Soo precious!! Charla & Bill….you are soo great and I wish you a wonderful future! I hope you are enjoying your tour of Italy! I’m soo jealous!

On a side note, I have been getting some questions lately from clients & photographers alike, wondering if I do not shoot black and white or sepia shots because they do not see them featured on my blog! The answer is YES, I most definitely do shoot black & white and sepia, I simply choose to feature color images because the color shows the strength of the work (it’s a little more difficult to create really striking color images than it is b&w or sepia images because of color temp effects, lighting, etc) and it works best with the colors of my blog and SHOWS THEM OFF really well!! So, I decided to feature a combo on this wedding, to show an example of what a full collection of work in a wedding would represent! Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Prep time….

A few fancy details….

Is she STUNNING or what…..

I love the colors in this set….

Her bridesmaids knew how to work it….

Ok…and so did BILL!

And his groomsmen….

A few more of Charla…

An intimate and meaningful ceremony….

Bill & Charla are both Veterinarians and Charla is specifically a large animal/horse Vet, so the horse & carriage was fitting and special….

This little boy cracked me up!!

I’ve shot this scene several hundred times, but somehow, it looks different every time and I just LOVE these shots….the color, the sweetness, the mood….i love it!

And then we turned up the mod a bit….

I love this shot….too. 🙂

Beautiful light….

And more of it…along with our great Monument! This city is like my family, so I love this shot of the Monument on the circle…lit by the warm setting sun!

Off to Fountain Square Theater….

And then onto the rooftop for more pictures…

And a great reception….

And one of the best sendoffs I have seen in a long time…sparklers under the big marquee with a rockin’ cool car waiting in front! It looked like a scene from a super cool old movie!!

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  1. I shot a wedding with you there once. It was the best wedding cake I had ever had… still to this day! The bride was having a baby. We took so many pictures we almost ran out of cards.

    So weird that I remember that! I remember it like it was yesterday. weird.

  2. wow jess- I love these! some of your best work- and I LOVE fountain square theatre!!! fabulous 🙂

  3. I love the one when their touching foreheads on the circle with the traffic behind them! Same place you took my engagements pics:) You’re grrrrreatt Jess!!!

  4. The first black and white photo is simply stunning. The 4th photo (the portrait) is immaculate. …How do you get all the gorgeous brides? Sheesh! …yes! she’s stunning. 🙂

  5. Great stuff, Jess! I loved what you wrote about this city being like family – so TRUE! I had never worked at Fountain Square until just this year, but it’s a great spot with a Hollywood feel. Not just the marquee and inside, but also the rooftop stuff. B&W’s nice, but your amazing use of color is what makes you stand out, so by all means, keep showing it off! 🙂

  6. wow…these are amazing and fantastic! i’m shooting a wedding in south bend in july (but spending most of my time in indy), and GOSH…i wish i could change my ticket and have you let me second shoot with you…and i don’t even KNOW you!

    fabulous work, jessica r. strickland. 😀

  7. love these too….she looks like lisa marie presley in the shot of her and the bridesmaids……her serious look is just like lisa’s to me!
    anyway, great job as usual, angela

  8. A-MAZING! of course…your work always is! but i wanted to know if youve ever thought of…or are working towards…offering a workshop or dvd on lighting and your ablitiy to capture such perfect color? you obviously have a very distinct look to your images and as a newbie i would love to learn the techniques you use to create such bold beautifully colored images while still keeping absolutely perfect color temperature and skin tones. is it something you do in photoshop or do you use some kind of equipment? just trying to learn what i can from the people whos work i admire. thanks so much for sharing your gift…its inspiring c:

  9. Very nice!

    I’ve always wanted to shoot in that little church- it’s so cute from the outside!

    Alas…I never have 🙁

  10. I was gonna say that you blogged their entire wedding, but then I remember how many pictures you take! hahahah. LOVE the color in those blue/yellow shots of just the bride outside. My favorites, though, are the getaway car outside the marquee. Great stuff, as always Jess. Really inspiring.


  11. Holy WOW!
    I can’t begin to thank you for your most talented work! Your skill is top-notch. I had all the confidence in the world that our wedding pictures would be the best I’d ever seen, and from the looks of this blog I was right!
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
    Bill and Charla

  12. We couldn’t be there and now feel like we have seen some of the best shots of the weekend. We love the pictures!!!! Looks like two very happy people to us!

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