2008-04-24 08:40:49

Well, it’s that time again! WEDDING SEASON!! Yay!! I was really excited for Geoff & Heather’s wedding because they are just terrific people…super fun, very laid back and very much in love! They also trust me and so that makes for great, fun pictures! Their wedding was GORGEOUS, as I knew it would be! Geoff & Heather…you are the best!!! It was an honor being a part of your wedding!! I hope you are having an incredible time in Tahiti!! 😉

7 responses to “GEOFF + HEATHER”

  1. Amazing! So glad to see your back in action!!!!

    Beautiful wedding, i love the picture of the bride & all her bridesmaids. Of course, they’re all beautiful. You always capture everything so beautifully! 😀

  2. Beautiful shots, Jessica! What a gorgeous wedding! I love the detail shots of the shoes & rings… they are such a handsome couple! 🙂

  3. Love these images – and I like the collage idea for the photos. I think I might go back to it and try it for the next wedding I will post! Hope you are doing well!

  4. HOLY COWWWWWWW!!!!!! Jess… these are STUNNING!!!!! You ROCKED this out… just like Lauren C said… OH SO FUN!!!!!

  5. Jessica,

    WOW!!! I knew the photos would be great. But, WOW!!! These are soooooooooo good! Thanks for making Heather and Geoff’s wedding day so special!!!

    You’re the best!

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