2008-04-30 17:43:10

I had a TERRIFIC wedding this past weekend..can’t wait to show you…but in the meantime, while doing a rough edit on the wedding today, I came accross this series….

A sign of the times!?!? hehe!!!

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  1. Jessica, you photographed my wedding in Chicago almost three years ago. I look back at the pictures you took and remember the amazing time we had. I recommend you to anyone who is getting married. This is my girlfriend’s little girl (on the left), it looks like once again you have out done yourself! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent.

    Best Wishes,
    Sherry Baird

  2. I had a very LONG day at work and that was exactly what I needed!! That is SO funny! How cute!

  3. Amazing! You need to get these and retake them in 10 years! Wonderful pics!

  4. OMG! Hysterical. You really caught a terrific moment there. (I hope someone saves that photo for the day that one of those little girls gets married!)
    Thank God they don’t have cameras — we’d all be out of work. 🙂

  5. okay…this may be one of the funniest series i have seen in a long time. definitely a sign of the times. i hope these are bought and kept in a baby book.

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