2006-11-16 01:21:42

This wedding is one I have anticipated for a very long time! 11 years, to be exact! (dj is sighing right now, so sick of hearing the 11 year bit!) Kara & DJ have both been friends of mine for really long time! I think soo highly of both of them, I have a hard time finding adequate words for it really! They have been together for 11 years, which is just soo amazing & wonderful! We went to middle & high school together, were in the same youth group, attended Prom together once upon a time and have shared some incredible memories! They are soo special….as is their love! It’s one of a kind, truly! For them to be married after 11 years is just perfect for them…they do all things with a certain appropriateness and know themselves and their relationship soo well. Their wedding was perfect! They were both beaming with joy…for good reason! It was a cold, gray November day….but honestly, I love those kinds of days! I really do….and yes, I know it’s weird. I like when it’s kind of dreary…but mostly just gray and the sky seems soo close…it sort of encapsulates you and makes it feel sort of romantic outside. It makes you want to get Starbucks and light a fire. It makes you want to be go inside somewhere warm and be with people you love and cuddle up with a warm cozy blanket. I love that feeling. I also really love shooting in black & white and browntone on these kinds of days! Sorry…I’m getting sidetracked. DJ & Kara had the perfect, romantic kind of day for their wedding and it was a completely wonderful day! I’m soo happy for you guys….I can’t even tell you how much! I wish you every good thing in your life together and thank you for allowing me to share in the immense joy that your wedding day brought! 🙂

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  1. So have you been keeping all these great B/W’s up your sleeve all year? I LOVE THEM! MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!

    You are such a great ambassador to our great city of Indianapolis! You always make it look so good!

  2. Jessica,
    I have been a fan of your site for quite some time. Never been prompted to write until today. I was thrilled to see Kara’s face starring back at me. She has worked with my students for the past few years and she is a GEM. I had heard about her upcoming nuptials but it was wonderful to see her day through your lens. Absolutely stunning. Bravo!…Congratulations Kara!

  3. I’m with the “B Half” HOT B&W!!!! The car shots are my fave 🙂 You impress me more and more with each blog entry!



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