2006-10-31 11:41:59

I always have mixed emotions this time of year! The wedding season is drawing to a close (although I still have several more, so stay tuned!) and a part of me is desperate to catch up and have a day off and another part of me will miss the weekly fun and excitment that weddings and wedding couples bring! This weekends wedding won the award for MOST unique wedding of the year and was a great way to wind down the season! I absolutely LOVED it! Molly & Neal had a movie theme…and they didn’t miss one detail! From the movie ticket invitations, to the movie posters everwhere, to the popcorn & nachos as treats, to the playbills as programs, to the dots & jujubee favors, the girls carrying movie clapboards, the bride carrying an oscar, the oscar centerpieces, to the movie music throughout the whole event, to the lifesize batman statue, mini me statue and real starwars lightsabers and even to the groom entering to paprazzi lights…. and the ceremony officiant wearing a darth vader headform….it was truly an authentic theme!! It was soo fun and different! They also had it at a great, super cool venue…the Music Mill. It was just perfect! To add to it, Neal & Molly are two of the most laid back, low key people….and I LOVE that (Neal wore jeans….how GREAT is that!!) They don’t have a high maintanence bone in their bodies….they just know what they like, do it well and make it a priority to have fun through the whole thing! Now that is a recipe for one heck of a wedding! It was super cool and I hope you love the images…..

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  1. What a fun wedding to photograph! I hope I get to shoot one like that someday. I love, love, LOVE the shot of them about to kiss in front of the marquee! So cool the way they are outlined by the light of the sign. You make everything look so easy. Great job!

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