2007-06-06 08:54:27

What a gorgeous wedding Kelli & Jeremy had! It was absolutely beautiful and not one detail was overlooked! I love Kelli & Jeremy….they are soo wonderful…completely in love and super fun! You might remember them from their engagement session this past fall!! Kelli worked with the awesome people at Eventfull Planning, Detail & Design and KB Design to pull together this awesome wedding!! We were lucky enough to have great weather, although a bit hot! It was a fantastic day! Kelli & Jeremy…I adore you guys and hope you are having an amazing time in Turks & Cacaos!

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  1. WOWW! What an amazing wedding! I only have one wish from our day… that we had a sky like this!!

  2. What a beautiful day and GORGEOUS reception! I LOVE all of the pink! So adorable! I really like all of the details from the ring, to the invitation, and that AMAZING sky, to the details of the reception.

    Stunning Work!

  3. what a gorgeous reception site! i am such a sucker for pink! was it really THAT pink in there??? LOVE IT! i love the shot of the bride with her pregnant bridesmaid, i wish i would have done something like that with my last wedding! too cute!!

  4. So this is who got our old wedding date before we changed! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! It was a wonderful use of pink! Everyone and everything looked gorgeous!

  5. I love what Gene does with lighting – I barely recognized the room! That venue brings back memories from last year of you and me being placed at what would normally have been the head table up front while the couple sat at an inconspicuous table in the back. (You were pretty goofy that night, too.) Beautiful job, Jess! Eventfull, Gene & KB, too!

  6. WOW! Just stunning- I am absolutely in love with all those details- the invitation, reception- awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy when I see a new post from you. I love your work and have recently started to stalk your 2 blogs. I think I found it when Jessica Claire posted about you on her shootsac blog and been addicted since. I am hoping to get myself into the portrait/wedding photography business. I just started documenting my journey to get to that point. You can visit my site whenever you get a chance. I mentioned your site in my first post of blogs that I stalk and love. Keep posting, you are a great inspiration!

  8. Oooooooohhhh I love all the hot pink from the invitations to the reception. That gives a lot of great ideas for my own wedding one day! Great job Jess!

  9. Wow! Beautiful wedding! Just curious how you get such rich, popping color in all your images? Are you using a filter or Action in photoshop? You dont have to share all your secrets…I was just curious. Either way…you have a very beautiful style! Thanks!

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