2007-05-30 09:44:52

I can’t lie, Rachel & Bob were dealt a few challenges on their wedding day…the main one being RAIN! They handled it like CHAMPS, though and didn’t let it dampen their spirits one BIT! They kept smiling and focusing on what was clearly most important to both of them…which was being MARRIED to one another at the end of the day!! I just ADORE these two, I know I say that alot…but I sincerely mean it! Rachel & Bob are the coolest people….soo laid back and super happy!! They are also soo in love and into one another!! They are an absolutely perfect fit for one another and I could easily see that after seeing them together for a very short time. They also know how to laugh and have a blast, which I love soo much!! Rachel & Bob…you two are AWESOME and I hope you are living it UP in Kauai!! 🙂

One of my FAV images from the day….

Check these EYES out!!

I love this set by the red sculpture! This is what I love about Rachel & Bob…

The IU Auditorium is awesome…

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  1. Awww, IU pictures always make me homesick! A LOT of great memories of the auditorium – crowding the fountain when IU won their last championship, hanging out with R.E.M. (before they were huge), the night Chris & I started dating, giving tours, etc. But enough about me… 😉 Congrats to Rachel & (the other) Bob on their new incredible memories on this beautiful campus. Lovely shots as always, Jess!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of the umbrellas in black and white… I wasnt even there and I felt like it!!!!!!
    You are truly a fantastic artist!!!

  3. wow jess- it looks fabulous- and I know what kind of weather you had to contend with! Great job as always 🙂
    see you at photo club!

  4. May fav is the one you took with her walking down the aisle with all the umbrellas…I know it wasn’t ideal, but it is a very unique picture and I think it’s kinda cool!!

  5. Jessica,
    You are unbelievable! I knew the minute I met you that you were amazing. To capture the love of this young couple is truly an art and you have mastered that art.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    Jan Yessa (the very proud Mom!!)

  6. You are truly an amazing photographer! You were so much more to us that day; our cheerleader, weather forecaster etc. You helped make some tough times that day and you are so much fun! Other than marrying Bob there was nothing that Rach wanted more from this wedding than good pictures and you made it happen.
    You captured them so well!!!!!!
    Thanks again for all your help and expertise!
    It truly was a great day.
    Take care.
    Miriam (the happy sister and matron of honor:)

  7. Clarification… you helped make it THROUGH some tough times…
    You are the best!

  8. Dear Jessica–

    Just returned home from NYC (and the flower girl’s birthday) to these pics. I know the weather this day was just as hard on you as us. Yet, having the advantage of seeing other wedding pics you had done and the kudos from good, trusted friends, I knew we could count on you.

    While the memories will always hold a place in our hearts, it’s nice to have them captured in visual format. Rachel and Bob are very lucky to have each other, all of us to share in their love and to have had you spend the day engraving it into our lives forever.

    Every continued success–fondly,
    Deb (Rach’s mama)

  9. I can’t believe how beautiful these pictures are! What a beautiful (if wet) day on a beautiful campus (I got homesick, too, being back in B-Town!) – it couldn’t have been captured more perfectly! I can’t wait to see the whole lot!

    (Bob (groom Bob)’s sister and bridesmaid)

  10. I am blown away by the photos. While I am personally going to frame all your shots of Nathalie (flower girl), I dont know how Rachel and Bob are going to decide which of these amazing photos they will frame for their house. Absolutley beautiful!

    Love Michelle

  11. Jessica,

    We are truly blown away by these pictures. I am not photogenic and these pictures are amazing. I cannot thank you enough (like Miriam said) for being so much more than our photographer that rainy day. We are so lucky to have these images forever!! We are not sure how we are going to pick, but we also cannot wait to see the rest of them.

    You really captured our mood!!! We love you!!! And will be utilizing your services in the future!!

    Love Rachel and Bob

  12. Jessica – my family and I WERE there in Bloomington that day and walked the grounds that we too were married on over 8 years ago. As we walked by Rose Well House and saw their pretty wedding in place, I thought “oh.. not a day for an outdoor wedding, but it rained on our day too and it worked out wonderfully!” It’s AMAZING that you were there that day shooting because if ANYONE can get perfect rain shots, it’s you (as we’ve proven together over the years and last summer together still is one of my fave shots you’ve taken!) GREAT JOB JESS – I am certain one of the reasons the bride and groom look so relaxed, is that YOU were there for them too!

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