2008-05-03 20:08:04

Where to begin? It was ALL soo terrific!! Lexie & Nate had the MOST wonderful wedding in the most charming location in Illinois, called the Allerton Mansion & Retreat. It was out of a fairy tale and when I pulled up, I was almost giddy, READY to start shooting! Lexie & Nate are the most terrific, warm, kind, fun people….as are their families! It was just a terrific day, in every possible way!! The night concluded with the coolest band I have seen in a long time, The Brat Pack, an ALL 80’s BAND!! They come complete with costumes, blow up instruments and the whole nine yards! SOO fun!! Lexie & her friends even dressed up in 80’s prom dresses for dancing! Are you KIDDING…SOOOO MUCH FUN!!! Lexie & Nate….and Hillard & Beccue Families…you are truly wonderful and I sincerely appreciate your kindness!! It was a FANTASTIC wedding and I hope you love the images!!

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  1. WOWOWOWWWW! These pictures are alll so amazing, they are all bright and FULL of color. They look like such an amazing family to hang out with. So relaxed and natural!

    You are AMAAAAZING!!!! 🙂

  2. Jessica, I stalk your blog! To my surprise this morning, I see you were practically in my back yard shooting a wedding this weekend! If I would have known you were going to be shooting on the U of I’s quad this weekend, you would have had me there as your audience watching you work! Great pics!

  3. What a fun gig! The prom dresses are cracking me up. The guys should’ve worn powder blue tuxes with ruffles – not that I would know anything about that. 😉 Great work!

  4. I live about an hour from here. I LOVE ALLERTON PARK. I sure hope you went further down and saw the large amplitheater/sunken field. If not, you truly missed out!! Can’t wait to shoot another wedding there.

  5. Jessica-
    Thank you soooooo much for doing such an awesome job with Lexie and Nate! You are so talented and I am always amazed by your vision. Thanks for such a great weekend!
    -Mary Ann Hillard
    ps-You have no idea how many people have LOVED the photos of the flower girls. So cute!

  6. Jessica–You captured the pure joy of Lexie and Nathan’s day and the happiness of our families! Allerton is so special to us and you have showcased its unique beauty to compliment the perfect wedding. Your vision as an artist is unrivaled. We cannot thank you enough for communicating in wonderful photographs what words could not describe!

  7. WOW- these photos are amazing. i love them!!!
    You make me want to visit that garden- it is awesome.

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