2008-05-03 14:58:33

Typically, I’m not usually a big photoshop adjustment kind of person….I like images to start with great images and use photoshop to add finishing touches to images….not really change images. I was just working on a few images from my most recent wedding though…and accidentally hit an action in photoshop and ended up with this image…and thought….wow…that’s pretty cool!

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  1. Jessica, these photos are amazing!!! I’m “almost” speechless & I’m so glad that you were wowed with Allerton; it is an artist’s dream! Everyone was so impressed with you and your demeanor. Thanks for sharing your talent in making these beautiful memories! Hey, what about the photos of the flower girls? I believe that those have some award winning and/or commercial value? don’t you think?

  2. I lived very close to Allerton Park for most of my life. It’s a fantastic hidden gem, isn’t it? It’s WELL worth the trip to go visit. The most beautiful wedding I ever attended was in the sunken gardens at Allerton one summer. Sadly, I’ve heard mnay of the busts and artifacts at Allerton are succumbing to age and neglect. Everyone should be as fortunate as this couple to have found this historic and perfect spot for a wedding. Your wedding pics at Allerton are beautiful. by the way, my daughter had her high school senior pictures taken at Allerton, and we have hopes for a wedding there too!

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