2007-11-29 16:43:04

I owe Melissa a GIANT thank you for being incredible patient with this blog post! I know she’s been WAITING and so THANKS, Melissa! I appreciate you being patient with me!!

Melissa & Tom are as good as it gets!! I adore them…I truly do!! They had a TERRIFIC wedding and are soo in love!! AND…they are proof that MATCH.COM works! 😉 (melissa is going to kill me for saying that…but I keep telling her that I’m going to get them on the commercial because they have SUCH a great testimony for them!!)

****EDIT: NOTE…..I’ve received some feedback from other photogs & various clients on slideshow blog posts versus still picture blog posts….some asking what they have to do to get a slideshow and others asking how they can get still images. I felt it was necessary to say that I just do the blog posts in accordance with my mood at that moment and with NO specific reasoning, really! Sometimes, I want to see still pictures…other times, I’m over the still pictures and am ready to just sit and watch a show without having to scroll. SO, PLEASE KNOW that my love for my clients is not based on a slideshow/still picture basis. If it were, every client would have a 500 image slideshow and still picture blog post …because i LOVE my clients and they are the BEST EVER!!!! end of note! 🙂 thank you!******

8 responses to “melissa.&.tom”

  1. I LOVE THE RING ON THE PIANO KEYS!!!! I am soooo going to steal that shot!

    I know I have said this before…but…….when I grow up…I want to be just like you!


  2. Love the first one of Melissa against the wooden door. Beautiful! I love meeting couples who met online. At my cousin’s wedding the rabbi read both of their online profiles they had posted to meet each other.

  3. Love those photographs! The texture in wooden door photograph is outstanding. How do you get those high elevation shots? Love your work.

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