2007-12-04 14:45:47

Not the Chicago/Ice Storm wedding….that is yet to come! Have I mentioned I’m behind?

Susie & Mike….OH…what a wedding!! Susie is the MOST adorable, yet stylish person on the earth and her wedding reflected it! It was STUNNING with perfect elements of style and design….yet soo full of warmth and happiness! LOVED it!! Susie & Mike…you are terrific!! Congrats on a fabulous wedding! 🙂

(yes, i know there are alot of images of susie…but she was working the poses and so I was eating it up and loved the shots!)

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  1. Jess,

    Susie’s pics are amazing! I was so excited to see these. Susie and her bridal party were such a joy!

  2. Jessica,

    I know one shouldn’t say this, but I totally LOVE MYSELF in these pics!! Thank you so much for everything – you are unreal! I will write more soon (not on a comment page), but I just want anyone who reads this to know how wonderful and talented you truly are! Thank you again!!


  3. absolutely stunning work Jessica!!! (as always 😉 )!! gorgeous couple, stunning details, glorious reception — you captured it beautifully. ps. what is that song you used with the slideshow? love it!

  4. Susie…you SHOULD love yourself girl cause you are STUNNING!!! Thanks for your kind words! I’m SOO glad you love them!!

    Ksen…it’s this yummy, moody, cool, old world song that I discovered at a Joe B. seminar once called Somewhere Not Here by Alpha! It’s different but that’s what I love about it!!

  5. Hey, Jess.
    Great work. I am a big fan!
    Absolutely love the music that accompanies Susie’s show. Who is it by and what is the name of that track. Its soo smooth.

    Regards, Phil.

  6. jess! thanks so much!! i have been dying to figure out who sings that song ever since i heard it on his website a while back! you are the best. 😀 oh! & i agree with you — Susie should totally love herself because she is truly stunning!

  7. Jess,
    WOW ! once again BEAUTIFUL work.
    And you are SO RIGHT … Susie SHOULD LOVE HERSELF in those shots! Stunning! Again, a beautiful bride with AMAZING EYES!
    That wedding looked so gorgeous! I loved the flowers!
    and Congrats to the beautiful couple!

  8. AHHH…i knew i knew that song from somewhere!!! we heard that in vegas didn’t we?!?!?!?! HARK!!! see you soon!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. yikes, that’s “joe buissink’s song”. indelibly linked to his website. sounds strange in this show, however nice…

  10. here we come …. mini van and all! yep that is right folks… we are coming to get you in a mini van.

    love you. see you soon.

    (getting ready to leave to fly out there YAY)

  11. Jessica,
    I absolutely love the work I’ve seen of yours. I would love to observe your work, and learn more photography tips from you – you’re amazing! I’m a very new photographer (don’t worry, absolutely no threat to your business. ha!)
    I have a few odd jobs here and there, mainly from friends.
    I worked with a studio in Owatonna, MN (Shot in the Dark Studio) before getting married in January and moving to Fort Wayne, IN.
    I loved working as their assistant – I was learning so much but my husband already had a job here so we couldn’t stay. So sad!
    I’m also a mommy so that takes priority, otherwise I totally would’ve pursued a career in photography. I’d like to think I would’ve been as good as you! I’ll just allow myself to dream
    Really though, God’s given you a great talent!

  12. okay…i’m officially convinced your brides are undoubtedly the prettiest in the land! this wedding was GORGEOUS!!! 🙂

  13. Hey Jess,

    Wonderful. Love the portraits under the door at the IRT! Your style is your own…has your thumbprint all over it. Once again, well done!

  14. That bride is absolutely gorgeous and you did an amazing job, jessica!

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