2007-01-12 01:21:52

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of meeting wonderful little Avery. She is the beautiful daughter of two of my high school friends and meeting her was this full circle moment for me! It was just like yesterday when we were all 15 years old…in high school…..without a care in the world. Then, it’s like I’ve blinked…and suddenly, we’re all getting older and these two wonderful people who I’ve know for soo long are happily married and have a wonderful baby girl. It just made me realize (as I have been doing alot lately) that life goes soo fast, but it also goes GREAT and brings such amazing blessings along the journey!!! Avery is wonderful! She is soo much fun and has a great spirit! She is the perfect mix of both of her parents, which is really neat to see! We hung out for several hours and she was a total sport the whole time….didn’t cry or get sick of our ongoing attempts to make her laugh & smile! She has the perfect mix of expressions…as you will see. She has this sweet, angelic face, then this serious, contemplative face, then this super happy, make you smile because you just can’t help yourself face. It was a GREAT time and I adore this little girl! Adam and Katie…it was truly wonderful seeing you! How I’ve missed you and am soo grateful for your support and kindness! I can’t wait to photograph Avery again!! Much love!!! 🙂

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  1. Adam & Katie!? WOW, time flies! Wasn’t their wedding just a year ago??? No, it was January 2005. Still… I’ll never forget the best man’s toast, which included recordings of Adam’s hilarious phone messages from years past, inlcuding a side-splitting ad-libbed song about fantasy football. (Much belated thanks for referring them!) Avery’s a sweetie – those eyes!

  2. Jessica-
    Oh how you have captured Avery through my eyes. The photos made me cry. I am a proud mother. Thank you for your talent. How God has blessed you!!!!

    We love you.

    Katie Wright

  3. WOW!!! Does she look like her daddy or what when she gives that serious look???!!! Adam and Katie, you have a beautiful baby girl!

  4. She is super cute! I love the one where she looks very serious, it’s hysterical! Wonderful pics as always:)

  5. ummmm hello… DAYTON… YOU SUCK! I wish I could have been with you guys… ok wait let me take that back… I wish you guys could have been up here instead. LOL

    for once I get to say that I have a cool place for you to visit… unlike the old days when nobody wanted to come to Canton, Ohio (for GOOD reason)

    HEY I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING!!!! I thought that Tricia and Nicole would end up in Canton, Ohio for my wedding. I thought that would be the ONLY time they would ever come visit my home town. But now that won’t even happen. LOL

    (fine with me)

    at least you came to visit once. lol

  6. That sweetlittle girl is so precious – you are both blessed and I am anxious to see you all again soon.

    Love you much – Nana

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