2009-04-08 20:20:37

Ahhh…little Nolan is just the sweetest thing! I have known his parents, Jessica & Todd, for years and had the opportunity to photograph their engagement session in the pre blog days! We had such a fun shoot…although a bit cold! I’m ready for spring to be here…for good!! Thanks for a great shoot, Jess, Todd and Nolan…and thanks for braving the cold!

5 responses to “NOLAN”

  1. These look great Jess, especially considering how cold and windy it was. Thanks!! Can’t wait to do it again (maybe in the fall when it’s not so cold!!).

  2. How handsome is he??!! Todd & Jessica – Nolan is adorable! LOVE the shots with the hat! 🙂 And the ones where he’s looking over Todd’s shoulder… soo CUTE!! Great shots, Jess!!

  3. Absolutely, the most precious photos I’ve ever seen…You capture the essence of love and innocence…

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